Phentermine 37.5mg Without Rx

How to find out if you purchased real phentermine online?

Real Phentermine online

When you are able to lose weight at a faster rate then you can assure that you have received real Phentermine pills through an online pharmacy. It is better to check the legitimacy of the site before placing the order for Phentermine as you need not worry about it after purchasing the drug.

Steps to be followed in identifying the real Phentermine

  1. Check the appearance of Phentermine

You have to check the size, color and imprints on the Phentermine. This would be same if you are going to opt for the brand medication but varies a lot in generic drugs. Know the manufacturer of your medication and search these details in the net.

Now check whether those information matches with the pills that you have received. If yes then you can calm yourself as you have received only authentic Phentermine pill.

  1. Dosage strength of the weight loss drug

Phentermine dosageThe usual dosage strength of Phentermine is 37.5mg so check if you have received the same. Check this either in the blister pack or on the tablet.  If you have received some unknown dosage strength then you can know that you have received only counterfeit weight loss pills.

  1. Check the labelling of the drug

This step is very important and you have to do it after the parcel is received. Read the medication name that is mentioned. It should be written as Phentermine, Adipex or other trade names. If you find any other name apart from this then you can know that you have got a wrong drug. Do not take this medication at all.

  1. Phentermine out of its pack

If you receive your pills that are not in its blister pack then it is sure that you are offered with counterfeit pills. Any medication that you procure should be present in its container and not sold loose. You have to return this package to the online pharmacy.

  1. Check with the pharmacist

If you still have any other doubts then you can check with your local pharmacist. They would have clear knowledge of the medication. In a single glance, it is possible for them to tell you whether you have received real Phentermine or not.

Another procedure that you can follow is that you can call the customer care service team and enquire the details. You can let them know about the appearance, the name that is mentioned in the pack and answer the questions they ask you.

This would help them to understand about what medication you have received. Before placing the order, you can ask them about the manufacturer details from which the medication is sourced from.

  1. Compare with your stock

If you are already on Phentermine medication then it is easy for you to identify the medication. You can check the received pills with the drug that you already have in stock. If both these medications match, then start taking the pill to lose weight.

Hope it would be easy for you to identify the real Phentermine.